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Securing a strong GMAT score enhances your prospects of gaining admission to a prestigious MBA program. To excel on the GMAT, comprehensive preparation is crucial, as inadequate preparation may result in lower scores and restricted choices. The most effective approach to rapidly elevate your score and make the most of your time is by engaging a private GMAT tutor.


"He brought my Quant score from a 28 to 49." .
John Parnell

Customize, Personalized and individualized coaching.

MBA programs provide an excellent opportunity to further your business career, and your GMAT score plays a crucial role in the admissions process. The GMAT journey is long and arduous, but with the right help, it will be well worth the effort. I provide one-on-one GMAT tutoring sessions and be your private trainer and motivator from start to finish.

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During the first One-on-One Session, I will sit with you and identify the areas that need to be improved immediately. Together we will formulate the lesson plans to incorporate your specific needs more precisely. Then, we will decide the time we will spend on each particular area.

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