One-on One Tutoring`

How It Helps you

During the first One-on-One Session,.
I will sit with you and identify the areas that need to be improved immediately.


Together we will formulate the lesson plans to incorporate your specific needs more precisely.
Then, we will decide the time we will spend on each particular area.

We (you and I) will:

> Select the subject first and review it together.



> Go over the basic concepts of that topic, which could be ratio

and proportion, word problems, statistics, or some other area.



> Cover all the different modal problems with all the possible
twists and tricks. You will see the various simple to complex  
math problems and tackle them efficiently and effortlessly

> Attend the business
school of your choice

> Based on your goals and your learning needs, we will arrive
at the number of tutoring sessions per week with convenient
scheduling for you.


> I will be present with you throughout every step,
whether in person or online, based on your preference,
as you work through problems.

> I will keenly observe both your potential and recurring mistakes.

>  I will provide guidance to help you break free from these established habits.

>  I will closely monitor your problem-solving approach, assisting you in acquiring alternative skills that enhance efficiency and lead to accurate solutions. Additionally, I will support you in developing personalized mnemonic techniques..

> If none of the above suit your needs, then we can provide you with recommendations for a wide range of hostel or hotel accommodation to fit any budget – ask our accommodation staff for more details, please note that prices vary according to the season.

I Will

> Aid you in shedding outdated, ineffective math habits

> Enable you to approach problems with greater simplicity and ease


> Guide you in mentally deconstructing problems into smaller math components,
 all aimed at optimizing time efficiency.hange responsive settings for individual elements


Whats Next?

As you advance through solving basic and intermediate level problems, I will gradually introduce more complex challenges. Once you’ve demonstrated proficiency in solving these advanced problems, we’ll shift our focus to solving a substantial number of problems entirely in your mind, eliminating the need for pencil and paper. This approach not only saves time but also enhances your mental agility.

In the final phase of our tutoring journey, I will provide strategies to help you relax
and approach problems with confidence, minimizing anxiety. You’ll also gain access to
various time-saving techniques.

Additionally, I will assist you in unlearning any previous habits that may hinder your
progress and help you overcome mental barriers. My ultimate aim is to ensure that you find
joy in your learning process.

I guarantee that you will develop formidable problem-solving skills in mathematics,
and you will come to relish the challenge of problem-solving with a sense of joy,
tranquility, and satisfaction.

Lastly, I want you to understand this: I take immense pleasure in the shared experience
of problem-solving with my students and find true happiness and fulfillment in witnessing
your success in competitive exams. My ultimate satisfaction is achieved when you reach
your targeted goals with my guidance.